Smart Grid Storage

As the region upgrades to a renewable energy future, so must the electrical grid. The transition to a Smart Grid has been underway for some time. Worldwide has supported these upgrades for major power producers in the area and will continue to provide support as the region begins phasing out fossil-based power generation and replacing it with renewable energy generation as well as energy storage systems.

By digitizing and automating operations, energy companies will be more environmentally sound and well positioned for the future. Eventually the Smart Grid will consist of millions of pieces and parts—controls, computers, power lines, and new technologies and equipment. Rely on Worldwide to support your company along the way.


For the past three years, Worldwide has been working with the largest and most prominent utility in New Jersey to store their Smart Grid equipment and help facilitate their upgrades.


We have the capacity, location, and know-how to store your assets and support your company’s upgrade journey.

Asset Management

If you have an existing warehouse, Worldwide can seamlessly manage it for you with our custom-designed Eport365 Asset Management Solution.