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Trusted Partner of the Power Generation Industry

Worldwide Holdings & Logistics is a total solutions service provider catering to the energy sector. Through our unique combination of knowledge, experience and innovation, personalized service and our client-focused asset management system we provide custom-designed solutions to the critical asset challenges of our energy sector clients.

  • Asset Management – State-of-the-art virtual Asset Management System that provides added value through enhanced data tracking and asset management
  • Delivery – Just-in-time delivery of critical assets within 4 hours with proper transport for ease of offloading
  • Maintenance – Expert on-site in storage maintenance and warranty protection
  • Storage – More than 200,000 square feet of in-door storage just minutes from New York City

Having served New York-area power generation plants in a variety of operational areas for more than 30 years, we understand the unique requirements of the energy sector. By serving only this industry we have become experts in both anticipating and fulfilling their needs – and yours.