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Born in response to the emerging needs of the power generation industry immediately following deregulation, Worldwide Holdings & Logistics developed and continues to adhere to a business philosophy designed to fulfill those needs in a manner that maximizes the performance of our clients’ operations, minimizes disruption and meets all logistical and safety requirements, all through cost-efficient delivery of service.

Worldwide is not simply a logistics company – we are a service provider and operational partner bringing added value to clients.Our knowledge and experience make us a trusted and invaluable partner with our clients because we fully understand their needs and have the ability to fulfill them. Many of our clients rely on our expertise to help them better respond to developing needs.

Following deregulation of the power generation sector, power generators required storage space for their critical assets and logistical support for management and delivery of those assets when needed. Located just minutes from New York City, Worldwide became a trusted partner of power generators throughout the region and has been fulfilling their needs ever since.

  • Location – Located just minutes from New York City
  • Facilities – Storage facilities with 24/7 access to critical parts through our virtual Asset Management System
  • Equipment – On-site forklift with in-house lift capability up to 450 tons
  • Access – Ready access to the region’s highway, water and rail systems through barge, tugboat and dedicated rail
  • Response – Critical assets within four hours, 24/7
  • Delivery – Delivery of on a vehicle matching plant offloading equipment, reducing standby and maximizing safety and efficiency
  • Maintenance – Full maintenance and record-keeping, enabling fulfillment of all warranty requirements to ensure warranties remain in effect
  • Relationships – Partnerships with manufacturers, repair facilities, vendors and trucking companies to service all client needs

Our client-focused virtual Asset Management System that enhances data management and delivers cost savings and added value from critical assets was custom-designed to serve the energy sector. From better data comes better management.