Critical Spare Storage

Not a moment to spare? We got you.

Worldwide understands that when critical assets fail or are damaged, quick replacement is key. That’s why we offer indoor storage and outdoor laydown/storage located just minutes from New York City, with climate control if needed. For a fast, full-service experience, Worldwide is the partner you need.


Whether one pound or 500 tons, your critical assets are safely stored and maintained until the moment they’re needed.


Full maintenance and record-keeping ensure warranty requirements are fulfilled and remain in effect.


Your critical assets are transported using methods that match station offloading constraints, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring a safe and efficient offloading process. We use a variety of transportation modes to meet any given need, from trucking to rail through our facilities dedicated rail spur to waterfront through our facilities deep water port. We can even provide barges and tugboats as well as lashing plans if necessitated by the load being transported.


Critical assets can be delivered within four hours, day or night, often before the damaged asset has been removed from service.