Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Stay connected to your critical assets – anytime, anywhere.

Worldwide’s Eport365 Enterprise Asset Management Solution was custom-designed for the energy sector as a simple, seamless way to manage your critical assets and maximize the return on your investments.  View the Eport365 video now!

How can Eport365 benefit your company?

  • Instant online access – Get immediate, 24/7 access to your asset portfolio from any computer or mobile device. No special software is required!
  • Secure storage – Your critical assets are stored in our state-of-the-art, privately owned facility, so you can be sure they are secure and ready whenever you need them. We can also manage inventory stored at your location and satellite sites.
  • Fast shipment – We can deliver an asset to your location in as little as four hours.
  • Customized service – We store and maintain your assets to meet manufacturer’s guidelines, warranty requirements, and your special requests.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency – Eport365 eliminates wasted time and resources – so you can focus on the business of energy generation.
  • Turn your excess assets into extra revenue – Our Asset X-change feature makes it easy to buy and sell.

How Eport365 Works

  • Scan and track – Your assets are scanned into our system using advanced QR code technology. Each record is updated regularly with current maintenance records, photos, and delivery and installation notes.
  • Log in – Log in through our convenient, secure web portal to view your virtual “storeroom.”
  • Search and view – Quickly and easily look up detailed information about each asset – whether it is in use or in storage.
  • Order – Click the “Ship it Now” button for fast, secure delivery.
  • Share – Export data to a spreadsheet or database.